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Full-Stack Support

Get the support you need... When you need it.

To request support file a GitHub issue from a supported GitHub ID.

TIBET support covers the entire product line:

TIBET support has no incident limits or off-hours:

  • 84-hour response (Safety Net)
  • 36-hour response (Next Day)
  • 12-hour response (Same Day)

Safety Net is the perfect solution when you're working through early development and a Friday question can wait til end-of-day Monday for a response.

As your project gets closer to delivery you may want to upgrade to Next Day support to minimize delays and support that developer working on Saturday ;).

Once you're in production we recommend Same Day support. We prioritize Same Day tickets to get you as quick a response as possible.

TIBET support is tied to one or more GitHub IDs:

Each support contract has a primary GitHub ID. You can add contacts within the same domain name for an additional fee (subject to certain domain limitations).

Provide an email address tied to a valid GitHub account when you buy support:

Plan / Mo / Yr
Safety Net
(within 84 hours)
$99 $990
Next Day
(within 36 hours)
$249 $2490
Same Day
(within 12 hours)
$499 $4990
Add-On Contact $49 $490

To request support file a GitHub issue from a supported GitHub ID.

Initial responses are done via GitHub within the response-time window of your contract. Escalation to chat, video, or phone is done at our discretion.

Support Definitions

Filing a GitHub issue from a supported GitHub ID.
A reproducible difference between observable operation and documented features in a Supported Release.
An initial GitHub issue update within your plan response time. Subsequent interactions should be timely.
Focused effort toward issue resolution. Not every issue can be solved but we are committed to focused effort.
Chat, video conference, or phone support done on an issue-by-issue basis at CodeRats discretion.
Software and/or documentation changes we agree resolve the issue. Upon agreement the request will be closed.
Supported Release
A release of the software still within its maintenance window. We consider 2 years to be a release's maintenance window.

Informal support is available via Discord:

Join TIBET Desktop on Discord.