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The Cloud Programmer's Workbench™

“…in awe of what you’ve done with JS.”

Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript.

Sherpa is coming soon!

Efficient, Effective, Expansive, Easy

Efficient: Sherpa saves you from thrashing between disjoint CLIs, apps, and death-by-a-thousand-click web UIs.

Effective: Sherpa makes working with data painless; APIs? Queries? Event streams? Files? All that, and more.

Expansive: Sherpa saves you (re)work. Playbooks and Runbooks let you reuse and share across teams.

Easy: Sherpa reduces coding; Add a UI to any Playbook or Runbook via drag-and-drop, then deploy it in minutes.


There are tool "chains"...

The loose collections of apps, pages, scripts, wire, and duct tape we developers are often forced to rely on:

Disconnected Links

...and there's Sherpa:

Sherpa helps you connect CLIs, APIs, shell, scripting languages, and more to create a powerful, integrated tool chain:

Connected Chain