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The REPL that ROCKS™

“…in awe of what you’ve done with JS.”

Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript.

Sherpa re-imagines and re-energizes the command line.

Built for the sudoer in all of us.

Sherpa lets you interact, iterate, and automate your work by combining Cloud APIs, shell commands, and script blocks in seamless runnable workflow scripts.

Sherpa API Testing


Blending the multi-language flexibility of a terminal with the interactive and iterative features of a notebook, Sherpa's Runbook interface lets you "think out loud" in your command environment, invoking, inspecting, interacting, and iterating with APIs, commands, and data.


Sherpa has three powerful features we think you'll love:

  • CommandFlow™: Cross-command workflow choreography and data pipelining.
  • Bullet Time™: Work interactively "between the batches" with big data sets/files.
  • ScriptApps™: Convert CLI "flag soup" into easy-to-use input forms in seconds.


Sherpa's CommandFlow engine coordinates and connects Cloud API calls, shell commands, and script code blocks so you feel like you're working in a single, seamless script.

You are...thanks to CommandFlow.

Single-click access to CommandFlow's async-aware I/O, logic, and API constructs, speed your development of powerful new Runbooks:

CommandFlow: Cross-Command Choreography


Cloud APIs; database APIs; large file APIs. What do they have in common?

Each implies working with batches of data. Next-batch tokens; cursors; stream buffers. Simple data pipeline logic can suddenly get obscured by complex boilerplate.

Sherpa's BulletTime features integrate with the Sherpa CommandFlow engine to hide batch/buffer complexity, allowing you to focus on the core logic of your flow:

BulletTime: Batch, Cursor, Streams Support


First there was tag soup; now there's flag soup.

If you've worked with Cloud APIs and command lines you've likely come to realize with great power comes great complexity. Sherpa retains that power while reducing complexity.

Drag-and-drop form-building in Sherpa lets you add UI controls and bind them to variables in your scripts to create ScriptApps in seconds:

ScriptApps: Command Line Forms

Sherpa ScriptApps convert flag-soup command lines into easy-to-use micro-applications, reducing complexity and the potential for costly command-line input errors:

ScriptApps: Command Line Forms

As developers, DBAs, and administrators Sherpa is the tool we always wanted.

You can help bring Sherpa to life and get a great deal on a great tool.

Contribute to Sherpa™ development.